Can We Know God?

‘What you worship as something unknown, I Am Going to Proclaim To You’…Acts 17;23

Imagine for a moment that you are led for the first time into a room- Perhaps a study you have never been before. As you look around, there are some things you recognize: you are very sure about the chair, for example, and you know what it is for. There are other things you know about- maybe a computer- but you may not know what the owner of the study uses it for. You could geuss, and you might be right? Or wrong?

If you had closed your eyes as you were led in, you would be less sure about what was in the room; but you could feel around and, in between bumps and bruises, still get some idea of the furniture, and some small idea of what it might be used for. You might even be able to work out- or geuss- some things about the person who uses the study. But it would be hard to be certain about anything!

Even if the human race is incurably religious, can we be certain of anything at all about God? After all, there are so many religions, and each of them thinks it has the Truth. Have we just been left to wander and grope around in the dark?

Like the rest of us, He knew from Creation that there is a God: “The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God.” The universe cannot ‘JUST EXIST’– It’s Design is so intricate that there has to be a Designer. (I will enlarge on this a little later on) Yet if that were all Paul Knew, he could not have helped the Greeks- or us.

But Paul was also a Jew, and for two thousand years God had been making Himself Known to the Jewish People. The Old Testament records that Revelation; Think of it as the Owner of the Study telling you, in the Dark, What Furniture is in the room and what it is for. And God’s Revelation had now Reached its Highest point in Jesus.

When the Angels announced Jesus’ birth, they called Him ‘Christ The Lord’, and ‘Lord’ was the way the Jews referred to God. Unlike Moses- who centuries earlier had given God’s law to the people- Jesus came full of Grace and Truth. That is, He came not merely to tell the Truth about God, but also to Reveal God’s Grace- His Kindness- to the World that did not Deserve It. 

With Jesus, God continues to tell us what is in the Study- But He has also switched on the Light and Introduced us to the Study’s Owner, So that We may Know the Truth Much More Fully. Jesus Said, ‘I am the Way,and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except Through Me.’

Amen..In God,, We are Fully Known, And Deeply Loved!

Author: achutiprincess

*A Singer...I Loove to sing. *Serve God with all That I am...He Loves me Unconditionally. *Spoken Word is a part of me..All the time. *Good public speaker,,Best Mc of all Time... *I'm typically a Smiling Machine. *Photo me all the Time,, and Oh I am 200% Photogenic.. I'm actually considering modeling *An emotional introvert. *Choleric personality Dominant *Basically speaking,, I Love,LOVE.. Can't separate Me with Love..I Learned to Love From God...His Love is So Sweet,So Deep. >Chaow!!

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