Is There a God?

And so he takes a walk…You can call it nature walk,,he wonders,he thinks and questions pop in his mind…This particular one though,, I’d like to respond to: 

“Is there a God?” Acts 17:22, ‘I see that in every way you are very religious’

I wonder if, like me, you ever said anything in school or college that was so ridiculous that the whole class laughed at you? It’s very embarrassing!  According to one renowned author, a sure way to become the object of everyone’s laughter in a College/University Class would be this: To Point Out That Every Society In The World- Primitive or Advanced- Has Some Sense of a God or gods- and then suggest the most obvious reason for it. There Really Is God! Whether he/she is Right or Not, it is a Fact that No Society has yet been Discovered that does not have Some God or gods to Worship.

Many Individuals Claim to be atheists- but there seems to be no such thing as an Atheistic Society.

The ancient Greeks worshipped many gods, and had shrines to them on almost every street corner. But they were also wise enough to know that they did not know Everything- and so they also had a Shrine to ‘THE UNKNOWN GOD’. Perhaps that way they were sure they had covered every option!

In our own Society there is Increasing Fascination with Spirituality, even among people who never attend a conventional church. Like the altars on the street corners in Athens, that fascination testifies to a deep Hunger in the Human Heart. 

We know that Life is more than we can see and feel; Deep Down, We know that we are more than Animals. One Great Thinker, Augustine, expressed it like this: ‘God has Made Us For Himself, And Our Hearts Are Restless Until They Find Rest In Him.’

So, it may get us ‘Laughed out of School/College’, But What If…. What If The Reason For The Sense Of God in Our Hearts Is the Simplest of Them All- That God Himself has Put It There? What if It Is True, As The Bible Says, that God Has “Set Eternity in (Our) Hearts? Follow me as we follows Paul’s Words Together.

They Will Help Us Understand The Truth, and Jesus Said, ” You Will Know The Truth, And The Truth Will Set You Free.”

Author: achutiprincess

*A Singer...I Loove to sing. *Serve God with all That I am...He Loves me Unconditionally. *Spoken Word is a part of me..All the time. *Good public speaker,,Best Mc of all Time... *I'm typically a Smiling Machine. *Photo me all the Time,, and Oh I am 200% Photogenic.. I'm actually considering modeling *An emotional introvert. *Choleric personality Dominant *Basically speaking,, I Love,LOVE.. Can't separate Me with Love..I Learned to Love From God...His Love is So Sweet,So Deep. >Chaow!!

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