Tonight I Wanna Thank The Lord So Much…He Has Been A Good Father To Me And Will Always Be!Heavenly Daddy,Thank You For Life,Thank You For The Gift Of Friendships That You Bring Along,Thank You So Much That You Care About Me And Have Loved Me Unconditionally!

You Know ,I Really Appreciate You Being Part Of My Life,Being My Friend, Being My Father,Being My Spiritual Authority, Being My Family,You’re Actually My All In All…You Have Taught Me To Listen To Your Voice, It Wasn’t Easy At First, But I Made It Came Through You Know!

And Now ,The Peace,The Love,The Infallible Joy That I Experience Every Minute,Every Second, Every Day,Every Hour Is So Much More,I Could Never Understand.. I Mean It Literally Is Beyond What I Could Ask For Or Imagine, Let Alone Comprehend..

Dear God,Thank You So So Very Much… I Am Truly Grateful…I Love Living Life With You!

Author: achutiprincess

*A Singer...I Loove to sing. *Serve God with all That I am...He Loves me Unconditionally. *Spoken Word is a part of me..All the time. *Good public speaker,,Best Mc of all Time... *I'm typically a Smiling Machine. *Photo me all the Time,, and Oh I am 200% Photogenic.. I'm actually considering modeling *An emotional introvert. *Choleric personality Dominant *Basically speaking,, I Love,LOVE.. Can't separate Me with Love..I Learned to Love From God...His Love is So Sweet,So Deep. >Chaow!!

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