Look Up!

So Today I Remembered To Look Up At The Stars And Not Down At My Feet! Up At The Sky Above And Not Down On Where I Stand.

Trying To Make Sense Of What I See And Feel..And Wonder About What Makes A Universe-(I don’t Know) But I Know Who Made The Universe..Just Can Not Fathom How He Made It…Oh Such Extraordinary Existence! I Also Get To Wonder Today Why I Exist,Curious Enough..And This Is Because I Have Been Side-Tracked By The Worldly Situations That I Forgot Why I Exist..

Oh Yes I Do Know Why I Exist… My Soul Purpose Of My Existence Is For Relationships!! Yeees,You See God Created Us For Relationships…First A Relationship Between You And Him(Deep and Intimate),And Then You And Others (With Family,Friends, Mates) And So Far It Hasn’t Gone Well Because The Devil Has Come To Steal,Destroy And Kill Our Relational Potential Given To Us By God!

I’m Here To Let You Know Honey,,That Rise Up!Look Up! And Don’t Just Give Up! Be Successful In That Which God Has Gifted To Us- Relationships! Make Them Better, Make Them Great!

Daaah! You Are After All Allowed To Be Both A MasterPiece And A Work In Progress Simultaneously!

Author: achutiprincess

*A Singer...I Loove to sing. *Serve God with all That I am...He Loves me Unconditionally. *Spoken Word is a part of me..All the time. *Good public speaker,,Best Mc of all Time... *I'm typically a Smiling Machine. *Photo me all the Time,, and Oh I am 200% Photogenic.. I'm actually considering modeling *An emotional introvert. *Choleric personality Dominant *Basically speaking,, I Love,LOVE.. Can't separate Me with Love..I Learned to Love From God...His Love is So Sweet,So Deep. >Chaow!!

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