Hi all,Achuti Princess is My Name..I started this blog to be sharing more about myself in the hope that at least some of you will relate and be encouraged in the long run…We are never called in this walk of life alone…So here I am

This is the post excerpt.

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I love this supermarket ðŸ˜ðŸ˜˜

In the interest of me,well you too.. I’m here to tell you that I love this supermarket… For so many reasons; it’s convenient(closer to home),cheap,has everything one would need,it’s ambience is great and it has welcoming people from the entrance all the way to the one’s that serve you at the counter;the cashier’s.

The cashier;this particular one,with a little bit of red eyes,cute smile,nice well-groomed beard,brown and he’s well-built, (I think he goes to the gym). I’m not going to mention his other features that certainly blow my mind away and make me always want to have to buy something from this supermarket,even if it’s one tomato costing 10 shillings.

I love smiling- on days that I’m alright and all happy and joyful. This happened to be one of those days I say hello even to stray dogs and talk to cars that are in the packing lot. (Crazy right?No? Okay😘). I enter into this supermarket that I love-present tense (past tense;this was my fisrt time,technically I didn’t even like it,was just going to try it out).

I get what I need and I head on to pay.I’m not conscious of who the cashier is until I catch him looking at me..Not the just looking at her,the literal kind of look…Like checking me out kinda look? Now you get me,I felt like my hair was flipping wwith flawless skin,perfect make-up, long lashes and…..

Normally,I would be mad and lush out at him,but it was quite the opposite this time… I check him out too and for a moment I find myself in one of those telenovela series; how they take us step by step in slow motion (the cashier and me) from the head to the eyes to the…you know all that checking out staff..and how the two fell in love at first sight and had a…..Snap! Snap!

Back to reality,pay your money for goods bought! There’s another customer waiting in line….here’s the guy and clearly we’re both into this-whatever this is,and I’m loving it. Fantasy is a world I love to go to once in a while…So yeah. I totally,absolutely and awesomely love this supermarket! They are nice you know..

As soon as i step out of the supermarket. I’m back into reality. I’m heading home with shopping. Wait, what just happened? It’s real yeah? No? Yes? Alright,let’s wait…😘

My Mind- Can you hear it?

Imagine if you could hear other

people’s thoughts? Like you could hear their minds think, and the conversations in their head? How about, if you could hear your own thoughts? Like listen to your thoughts before speaking them out? Yeessss, I know what you’re thinking. No, I don’t! Would you be happy if someone would speak out what’s in your mind? Or share the images in your mind?

The thoughts about other people, unspoken but in the mind, words written but not spoken out loud. Reminds me the song; ‘Thinking out loud’. Would you be willing to let people go through your mind? Your every thought? Yes? No? Okay.

I would be told to guard my heart and be careful what I think, because that’s where everything flows from into the physical. I wouldn’t understand what they meant. Half the time I don’t even know what I’m thinking about, or what’s in my heart. I just speak,how is whatever that comes from my mouth related to what’s in my mind and heart? Keeent relate (pun intended).

Here’s the thing, as we think,we change the physical nature of our brain,when you think, you build thoughts,and these eventually become physical substances in your brain,you visualize them, process them,even dream about them in your sleep, the subconscious sees to it that you see it as part of you,and as you allow what you allow into your thoughts (whether negative or positive),becomes the determining factor of your reality and ultimately your legacy.

As a man thinketh so is he,my Bible tells me so. True to it, have you sat down and thought about something, and as you keep it in your thoughts, you begin to feel as if it’s happening in your life? Of course you say to yourself, ‘I knew it would happen this way’. Truth is that,the idea,the fear,the pain,the insecurity, e.t.c began in your mind,as a mere thought, but by not being conscious of the thought,it planted it’s seed and grew and bore fruits which now manifest in the physical.

Well,so what? The good news is here. Isn’t it amazing to know that we have Christ? My Bible even tells me to have the mind of Christ. How wonderful it is to know this. The mind in its nature is rebellious, just as the heart is deceitful and evil and much more that is ungodly. We are sinful in nature as human beings,that is why when we are in Christ Jesus,we are a work in progress, in Christ we attain the Perfection of Christ’s likeness. You are assured that because you are in Christ and Christ is in you, your mind shall also be of Christ.

We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God, we capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ~ 2Cor 10:5. This is an assurance that in Christ, our rebellious thoughts shall be captured, that we may heed and obey Christ.

On this occasion in the Book of Mathew 22:37, Jesus is asked, “What is the most important commandment?, Jesus answer’s, ” You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul,and all your mind.” See what I mean? Since the enemy comes to steal our hearts that we may not turn to God,he makes our hearts hard,deceptive and evil, he kills our soul and it desires not the things of God and it destroys our mind by feeding it with lies,and thus making it rebellious. But how blessed we are to have a God who loves us and leads us. He saves our souls,our hearts and mind that we may desire and love Him with all that we are.

It is important to understand this, there is nothing good and Holy in the nature of man without Christ Jesus. Thank God! The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord. So you see how it is: In our mind we might really want to obey God’s law, but because of our sinful nature, we are a slave to sin. But, the Good news here is, “So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. And because you belong to Him,the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death.” Rom 8:1,2. What more would we ask for? Any one who is in Christ Jesus is freed from the tangles of the heart,soul and mind of sinful human nature.

Therefore, for you to experience this freedom,this amazing-ness (not grammatically correct), as Paul pleads, give of yourself to God as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable in Him,do not copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by CHANGING THE WAY YOU THINK. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good,pleasing and perfect. (Ref. Rom 12:1-2)

Ohh,I could go on and on and on. We have the perfect assurance that in Christ, we receive a new nature,that is; a new heart, a new soul, a new mind,a new being as my Bible tells me, “Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. Put on your new nature, created to be like God- truly righteous and holy.” (Eph 4:23-24)

Let us henceforth not act thoughtlessly, but seek to understand what the Lord wants us to do, in every particular situation in our lives. Let us be wise to be slow to anger,slow to speak (carefully think) and be quick to listen(more to what God is saying yo us in such and such situation).

As a child of God as one who is in Christ, as one who has given your mind to Christ,think about the things of Heaven,not the things of earth,for you have died to this life and your real life is hidden with Christ in God. Fix your thoughts on what is true,and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely,and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise ,as you practice what you have learned and received from Christ and His peace shall abound in you.

I speak this to myself too,do you and I know that we are fearfully and wonderfully created in the image of God? Full of love, grace,joy,peace,and all the great things God has said about you and me…

Just imagine with me for a moment, having said all this, and knowing all this truth from the Bible, that is our only manual for this life of abundance in Christ Jesus, help us Lord.

Imagine what might and will actually happen if you and I start believing (in our hearts) this? Thinking it? This- the truth that God says about us…….

Just Imagine…..

My Heart….💕❤

Soo my heart, it just decides to do what it wants. A friend once told me that, the heart wants what it wants. True to the fact,it will do anything to get what it wants,even if it means deceiving, manipulating, or using evil ways to get what it wants.

My Bible tells me,the heart is a deceiver,it tells me how evil it is. So I wonder,is it deceiving me to fall for this guy? Or should I say be in love with this guy,what would be wrong with love? I don’t think the heart is deceiving me when it tells me that this guy loves me,or when my emotions get the better part of me,or when i have to lie to “protect” the one’s I love,or when it tells me,follow your heart Diana. Follow me.

So I go back to God,on my knees, asking Him,how can You tell me that my heart is a deceiver,that it is evil and dangerous? I don’t see anything dangerous in all the things that my heart has led me to do,infact.. They are such a success that I believe it when they tell me to follow my heart. So instead of listening to You God,I choose not to heed on Your word,I choose not to listen to what You have to say about everything that my heart has led me to,that seem very successful. I come,tell You everything that’s in my heart,thank You and shooo, I go.

Until one day,everything that my heart led me to,crumbles literally,every area of my life that the heart led me to,goes down. It shames me,it hurts me,it pains me. Ouch! Ouch! I run to You,and ask You ,”Why God?” “Whyyyyyyyy?”, and I cry the whole night,trying to comprehend what just happened,how did it come to this? How did all that seemed to be such a success without a doubt,just suddenly break? Becomes nothing,becomes useless and shameful?. How now?

Eventually,I stop crying when I hear Your calm voice speak to me,and You remind me of all that You told me about the heart in Your word,You remind me of it’s form- the heart,and it reminds every detail,and wouhh. I realize,I never really wanted to listen to You,to obey,to follow,I never really wanted Your input in matters concerning the things of my heart. With my ignorance I followed my heart as they told me- them that have not hidden Your word in their hearts, them that do not want to seek Your heart,them is also me, who barely even gave You a priority in my life,especially my heart. So I did,I worked,and I walked in a cliche of Salvation. A relationship with that I did not nature at all.

But here I am today ,at Your feet again,In Your presence,crying out my heart to You,literally giving my heart to You,that You may change it,transform it,and so faithfully deal with it until all it wants is You oh Lord. You.

May my heart,cry to You. May my heart seek after God’s own heart. May You oh Lord,teach me to Guard my heart in You,with Your word. That all the issues of life that will flow from it,will be not for self but for the Honor and Glory of Your Name Abba Father. May my heart reflect the beauty of Your eternal,unconditional,complete Love. May my heart want all that is of You ,that I may live a life of abundance,a peaceful and fulfilling life according to Your perfect will for me.

My heart,follow God. Don’t follow yourself. ❤💕

Does God Need Us!??

‘…He is Not Served by Human Hands….’ Acts 17;25

The Greeks Believed in many gods; and most of us too,,we think that God needs us to run His errands. Paul knew (because the Old Testament told him) that there was only one. The one true God is Vastly Different from the gods the Greeks were imagining, in at least three ways.

Firstly, the True God is ‘Lord of Heaven and Earth.’ Greek gods were limited– there was a god for the sea, a god for war, a different god for love and so many more. But Paul’s God is Absolute Lord Over All Things! He is Our God! Anything that exists was made by Him. Everything that Exists is Ruled by Him. That includes me, and it includes you, too.

Secondly, the True God ‘Does Not Live in Temples.’ He Cannot be Restricted in that Way: God is Everywhere. ‘Where can I go from Your Spirit? Where can I Flee from Your Presence? If I go up to the heavens, You are there; If I make my bed in the Depths, You are there. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, If I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, Your hand will hold me fast.’

Wherever you are right now, God is with you, watching and knowing everything. As one person in the Old Testament said, ‘You Are The God Who Sees Me.’

Thirdly, God DOES NOT NEED US! Though some religions believe their gods have to be fed or served in some way, Paul tells his hearers that the true God can Never Need Anything From Us. He is Self- Existent (Nobody and Nothing Made Him), and He is Also Completely Self- Sufficient (He Needs Nobody and Nothing to Continue to Exist).

But we sure do need Him,,in every step of our lives..He is the Author and Finisher of Our Faith,,He breathed Life into Us,, Without Him, we are nothing, But With Him,we have all we need and have life in Abundance!

“Yes Lord, Yes To Your Love, Yes To Your Joy,Yes To Your Peace and Yes to Your Righteousness Through The Holy Spirit,”

Only a God like this Can be Truly Worthy Of Our Worship,Surrender, Submission, Obedience. ‘For From Him and Through Him and To Him Are All Things. To Him Be The Glory For Ever!’

Where Does The World Come From?

‘The God Who Made The World And Everything In It…’ Acts 17;24

Our Universe is believed to be more than twenty thousand million light years across- that is, Light Travelling at 186,000 miles per second takes more than 20,000,000,000 years to cross the universe. 

In it there are perhaps one hundred thousand million Galaxies, and maybe ten thousand million million million stars. Where did it all come from? Why is there ‘Something’ instead of ‘Nothing’? The Bible’s answer is the one that Paul Proclaims to the Greeks: God Made It.

The Universe did not always exist. ‘In the beginning, God Created the Heavens and the Earth.’ We know when we see a watch keeping good time. That the watch had a designer and a Maker. God is the Designer and Maker of The Universe.

That Makes Sense. The Universe is obviously here, and there are only three possible explanations for that: One is that, It has always been here- It is Eternal. That seems unlikely, and many scientists- perhaps most- tell us that it is Impossible. 

Second is that the universe created itself- which is obviously contradictory. For that to happen, the Universe would have to exist before it Existed! 

The only remaining possibility is that the Universe was created by an Infinite and Eternal Outside Being- A Being that has Always Existed and Never had or needed a Creator. 

That Being is What The Bible Reveals To Us As God.

God was Always There – He is an Eternal God. Eight times the Bible describes God as ‘From Everlasting’. In fact, He is ‘From Everlasting to Everlasting’- Without a Beginning and Without an End. All Created Things Have a Cause; but God is Uncreated, and the Cause of All that Happens.

Most Remarkably, the Bible Insists, too, that the God who made the World is Jesus. He is the Eternal God; Jesus Himself Claimed it. For example, Abraham was the ancestor of the Jews and lived two thousand years before Jesus was Born, so Jesus must have been claiming to be Eternal when He said, ‘Before Abraham was Born, I Am.’

Even More Clearly, The Apostle John calls Him, ‘The Word’ and Declares, ‘The Word Was God’, and the Apostle Paul Speaks of Jesus as ‘ God Over All, Forever Praised.’

He is God Alone, From Even Before Time Began! He is God Alone, He is On the Throne!

We Are, Because He Is.

Can We Know God?

‘What you worship as something unknown, I Am Going to Proclaim To You’…Acts 17;23

Imagine for a moment that you are led for the first time into a room- Perhaps a study you have never been before. As you look around, there are some things you recognize: you are very sure about the chair, for example, and you know what it is for. There are other things you know about- maybe a computer- but you may not know what the owner of the study uses it for. You could geuss, and you might be right? Or wrong?

If you had closed your eyes as you were led in, you would be less sure about what was in the room; but you could feel around and, in between bumps and bruises, still get some idea of the furniture, and some small idea of what it might be used for. You might even be able to work out- or geuss- some things about the person who uses the study. But it would be hard to be certain about anything!

Even if the human race is incurably religious, can we be certain of anything at all about God? After all, there are so many religions, and each of them thinks it has the Truth. Have we just been left to wander and grope around in the dark?

Like the rest of us, He knew from Creation that there is a God: “The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God.” The universe cannot ‘JUST EXIST’– It’s Design is so intricate that there has to be a Designer. (I will enlarge on this a little later on) Yet if that were all Paul Knew, he could not have helped the Greeks- or us.

But Paul was also a Jew, and for two thousand years God had been making Himself Known to the Jewish People. The Old Testament records that Revelation; Think of it as the Owner of the Study telling you, in the Dark, What Furniture is in the room and what it is for. And God’s Revelation had now Reached its Highest point in Jesus.

When the Angels announced Jesus’ birth, they called Him ‘Christ The Lord’, and ‘Lord’ was the way the Jews referred to God. Unlike Moses- who centuries earlier had given God’s law to the people- Jesus came full of Grace and Truth. That is, He came not merely to tell the Truth about God, but also to Reveal God’s Grace- His Kindness- to the World that did not Deserve It. 

With Jesus, God continues to tell us what is in the Study- But He has also switched on the Light and Introduced us to the Study’s Owner, So that We may Know the Truth Much More Fully. Jesus Said, ‘I am the Way,and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except Through Me.’

Amen..In God,, We are Fully Known, And Deeply Loved!

Is God Near?

‘An altar with this inscription: TO AN UNKNOWN GOD’ Acts 17:23

For the next 14 days,,I will be sharing subtopics on ‘Knowing the Unknown God’… Please walk with me in this journey.

I’ve been having this question over and over again! And sometimes I ask whether God is really near? Azin Does He even feel what I feel? Is He Real with my Situations?

But then,before we go any further, we… (Me included) need to think a little bit about the man who spoke the words recorded in Acts 17^3. He is the apostle Paul, sometimes called ‘St. Paul’- a man God changed. The God of the Bible is not only very real, But He is Also Active in the World, Changing the Lives of men and women. Paul was one such man. And He we are,, called By God to be the ‘Paul’s ” of this Generation.

Paul had been brought up as a Jew, and belonged to the strictest sect of the Jews, the Pharisees. In those days he was known as Saul, and was a violent opponent of the Christian Faith, Persecuting Christians even to death, That All Changed One Day When He Was On The Road To Damascus: a bright light shone from Heaven and he heard the voice of Jesus Speaking to him.(Acts 8,9).From then on, he became a hardworking and very efficient missionary, preaching the Gospel throughout the known world. He was appointed am apostle by the Lord Jesus- that is, someone who spoke and wrote with God’s Authority. At least thirteen of the New Testament Letters Were Written By him.

Sometimes our religious ideas are so vague, And God seems so distant, that we erect an altart ‘to an unknown God’.

But this is not true for the Scripture cannot be broken…God is not a man that He lies,He Is God,, He is Alive, He is Near,and He is Real!

Reach out for His Spirit, Allow your heart,and every being of you to Experience His Unconditional Love.. Yeees Love and Love!

Is There a God?

And so he takes a walk…You can call it nature walk,,he wonders,he thinks and questions pop in his mind…This particular one though,, I’d like to respond to: 

“Is there a God?” Acts 17:22, ‘I see that in every way you are very religious’

I wonder if, like me, you ever said anything in school or college that was so ridiculous that the whole class laughed at you? It’s very embarrassing!  According to one renowned author, a sure way to become the object of everyone’s laughter in a College/University Class would be this: To Point Out That Every Society In The World- Primitive or Advanced- Has Some Sense of a God or gods- and then suggest the most obvious reason for it. There Really Is God! Whether he/she is Right or Not, it is a Fact that No Society has yet been Discovered that does not have Some God or gods to Worship.

Many Individuals Claim to be atheists- but there seems to be no such thing as an Atheistic Society.

The ancient Greeks worshipped many gods, and had shrines to them on almost every street corner. But they were also wise enough to know that they did not know Everything- and so they also had a Shrine to ‘THE UNKNOWN GOD’. Perhaps that way they were sure they had covered every option!

In our own Society there is Increasing Fascination with Spirituality, even among people who never attend a conventional church. Like the altars on the street corners in Athens, that fascination testifies to a deep Hunger in the Human Heart. 

We know that Life is more than we can see and feel; Deep Down, We know that we are more than Animals. One Great Thinker, Augustine, expressed it like this: ‘God has Made Us For Himself, And Our Hearts Are Restless Until They Find Rest In Him.’

So, it may get us ‘Laughed out of School/College’, But What If…. What If The Reason For The Sense Of God in Our Hearts Is the Simplest of Them All- That God Himself has Put It There? What if It Is True, As The Bible Says, that God Has “Set Eternity in (Our) Hearts? Follow me as we follows Paul’s Words Together.

They Will Help Us Understand The Truth, and Jesus Said, ” You Will Know The Truth, And The Truth Will Set You Free.”

Invite To Prayer!

True, whole prayer is nothing but Love.

Today,the Heart Of God is an Open Wound Of Love. He aches over our distance and preoccupation. He mourns that we do not draw near to Him. He Grieves that we have forgotten Him. He weeps over our Obsession with much-ness and Many-ness. He Longs for our Presence.

And He is Inviting you-and me- to come home,In His Presence, to come home to where we belong, to come home to that for which we were created. His Arms are Stretched Out Wide to Receive us. His Heart is Enlarged to take us in.

For too long we have been in a far country: a country of Noise and Hurry and Crowds, a country of Climb and Push and Shove, a country of Frustration And Fear and Intimidation. And He,God Welcomes us home: Home to Serenity and Peace and Joy, Home to Friendship and Fellowship and Openness, home to Intimacy and Acceptance and Affirmation!

We do not need to be Shy. 

He invites us into the Living Room of His Heart, where we can put on old slippers and share Freely. He invites us into the Kitchen of His Friendship, where Chatter and Batter mix in Good Fun. He invites us into the dining room of His Strength, where we can Feast to our hearts Delight. 

He invites us into the Study of His Wisdom, where we can Learn and Grow and Stretch….and Ask all the Questions we Want. He invites us into the Workshop of His Creativity, where we can be Co- Labourers with Him, Working Together to determine the outcomes of Events. He, Our Heavenly Father invites us into the Bedroom of His Rest, where New Peace is Found and Where we can Be Naked and Vulnerable and Free. It is also the Place of Deepest Intimacy, where We Know and Are Known To The Fullest!

I invite you,to come Home in His presence through Prayer…Best Time at His Feet!


I love my family so so so very much…Family is the best gift,, and mine that God has put me in is just amazing,,so much blessed…I couldn’t ask for more or less…It is enough and I love it!

We look after each other so that none of us fails to receive the Grace Of God! So we can say with Confidence, “The LORD is Our Helper, So We Will Have No Fear,What Can Mere People Do to Us?”

We have offered through Jesus,A Continued Sacrifice Of Praise to God,Proclaiming Our Allegiance To His Name. We Listen To God,He Has Said To Us, “I Will Never fail you, I will Never Abandon You” 

Now May The God Of Peace- Who Brought Up From the Dead Our Lord Jesus, The Great Shepherd Of The Sheep, And Ratified An Eternal Covenant With His Blood. 

May He Equip Us With All We Need For Doing His Will. May He Produce In Us Through The Power Of Jesus Christ, Every Good Thing That Is Pleasing To Him. All Glory To Him Forever And Ever..Amen!

Family is the Best! Love it,Appreciate It!